PRO services company in Dubai

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Corporate pro services company in Dubai
Corporate pro services company in Dubai

Corporate pro services company in Dubai plays a key role; when you are looking for passport clearance, immigration, trade marks; business licenses and copyrights as well as certification. Our teams of PRO services make sure that customers are given highest support; for their smooth stay and business in the UAE.

Being the top corporate pro services company in Dubai; our company have specialists that are with a great talent at a variety of formalities; set by the Dubai main land laws as well as UAE Free Zone regulations. As our work is dependent on gov’t authorities; our strong link with them facilitate more rapidly document clearances; also a license renewal and labor contract creation; as well as immigration card for our customers. Alongside it, we help for receiving approvals from the UAE ministries; and Chamber of Commerce as well as Foreign Affairs.

The labor as well as immigration services which we offer adheres to the rules and regulations; that is laid by different emirates and in the case of expat; the PRO service in Dubai which we provide assistance to them with all the formalities of paper work; without going to the authority and stand for hours to acquire the information. The authentication and seal process is quite high, when it comes to Corporate Support Services.

List of PRO Services we offer in Dubai

The list of services which we offer includes license renewal and amendments; chamber of commerce certificate, corporate banking processes; labor as well as immigration registration and address (P.O. Box Registration and Renewal); company stamp fixing as well as other services to facilitate an expat in company set up in UAE. The general Audit service which we focus upon to make sure; that all the reports as well as accounts pertaining to the official formalities like estimation of assets; liabilities and functional reviews and at last but not least the auditing standards.

While starting your business in a overseas country; one may face a number of new challenges due to local laws; customs and languages etc. In such situation, an investor may have to get in touch with several authorities; and service providers before opening his / her desire business in a good place. But the problem does not finish even after establishing a business. Business owners will required to carry out a variety of tasks from time to time; in order to easily run their business without much more irritation. In this situation, the best option is to contact those consultancy firms; that provide complete solution to your problems. It means you will need PRO services from your business advisers.

Why corporate pro services company in Dubai

PRO services companies in Dubai is offer help to their clients; that is for handling any sorts of issue in setting up their business in Dubai. After giving job to them; then customers are not needed to attest or prepare their documents; nor they need to contact government departments; and even have not to worry about completing the visa process.

It is the duty of firms providing PRO services to endorse all these tasks on their own. They without any difficulty can do so due to their experience in the local market; along with their relations inside different departments as well as embassies. In such situation, the entire process moves smoothly which result in speedy manner; and a mistake free company formation in Dubai.

What are PRO services companies in Dubai?

Starting a company in Dubai has a great chance of success; thanks to the accessibility of opportunities as well as assistance from authorities. But set up a company is not an easy task at all. Overseas company owners are requires to contact various authorities; and go through a number of hurdles before starting their business.

There are a number of companies which help out these expat investor; they carry out a single or limited number of tasks for company set up. But it is very difficult to handle the job of different companies as due to lack of coordination. In such situation, the best option is to pick PRO services companies in Dubai; which provide all services regarding to company formation in Dubai. This is known PRO services in Dubai.

Advantages of PRO services companies in Dubai

PRO services in UAE seem to provide several advantages; that is for all individual in starting a new life or structure a new company in the country. With a great quantity of PRO services companies in Dubai also able of accepting your requirements; wherever you are in the UAE, you can have yourself enjoying these advantages:


As a foreign person, you may face difficulties in understanding; as well as complying with the local laws and suitably documenting your papers. UAE holds very rigid policies that can look very unfavorable for expats in the country. This is why hiring PRO services companies in Dubai will facilitate you most; particularly in regards to PRO visa services in Dubai.


Having a local PRO services companies in Dubai in helping your setup in UAE; will certainly aid you in facilitating the time requires to start running a business. By utilizing PRO services, your company setup processes will be ease; so that you can focus on other operating processes of the business during the mean time.


Without corporate pro services company in Dubai; you will look every thing by your own; and when it come to the budget for your project; you will miss calculate it; because only a corporate pro services company in Dubai knows the exact cost of your project. If you are searching to cut out the losses; having a trusted PRO companion will offer you with professional advice; on how to best utilize your resources in the early phases.


As a corporate pro services company in Dubai we will helping you; and your business as well as your personal stay in the country; this will be protect you in the long run. UAE is famous for its annual improvisations of its local policies rules and regulations. You will require sound advice as well as new information on such aspects for you; to carry on your activities within the country, particularly in Dubai.

PRO services companies in Dubai

The above definition clearly make known that PRO services companies in Dubai; should be capable enough to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. It is compulsory for completion of company set up process in Dubai. Apart from it, these services are also required for company liquidation in Dubai; as there are multiple requirements for such process also that can only be handled by PRO companies. Following are essential services that you can expect from PRO companies.

  • Attestation and Processing of Documents
  • Processing and Renewal of Visas
  • Trade License
  • Local Sponsor
  • Legal Services

Documents Attestation and Processing

This is an compulsory procedure for all type of company formation in Dubai as well as UAE. There are huge numbers of documents that you need to prepare and attest before you go for submission. This is a long procedure; as the preparation as well as the attestation process of different documents may differ; and you need to submit this in their particular departments. A part from this, all these documents must be complete and need to submit in time; so this make such process extremely important.

It is the major function which we perform on behalf of our clients. We as a corporate pro services company in Dubai has resources and experience; as well as skills to prepare all necessary documents as per their legal needs. We can also attest these documents after proper checking of it.

In the last stage, we can submit these documents in gov’t departments as per the time frame. We can easily obtain attestation as well as processing of your documents from Ministry of Justice; Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, Notary and Dubai Municipality as well as from others.

Processing and Renewal of Visas

An important stage which come in the company formation in Dubai; that is the processing of different types of visas as per the requirement of the company. Apart from that, visa renewal is also require from time to time. Such process has to be accomplished in time; in order to avoid heavy fines.

You will need visit visa for entering of UAE for the set up of a company; while employment visa or investor visa will be really important before set up of any business in Dubai. You will require of hiring workers for running of your company as well as employee visa is compulsory for them. An overseas company owner can sponsor his family members as well as personal workers.

The procedure for these diverse types of visas is different; due to involvement of different authorities and requirement of various documents. Apart from it, renewal of these visas is also very much important as delay may not only affect financially; but it can also show negative impact for your running business as well.

You can easily avoid these troubles by contacting PRO services companies in Dubai. They will support you not only in processing of any type of new visa; but they also keep in mind the time of your old visa renewal; so that to keep your business safe and sound.

Trade License in Dubai

Trade license is the major license that you require before opening a company in Dubai. Such license is approved by DED (Department of Economic Department) with the help of other authorities as well. This is a very lengthy and difficult process which can only be accomplished by an approved consultancy firm. PRO services in Dubai also hold approval of trade license for company formation in Dubai.

Along with this, timely renewal of such license is also must; which include the completion of all conditions laid by the authorities. PRO companies offer these services as well for clients; after fulfilling all conditions that require for approval or renewal of trade license in Dubai. If you desire to wrap up your business in Dubai for any reason; then the deactivation of trade license in Dubai is binding. A corporate pro services company in Dubai help you for completing this process also.

Local Sponsor in Dubai

Dubai as well as UAE has made it compulsory for firm in main land areas; to have local sponsors for their business. These local sponsors (either individual or company) enjoy 51% shares of an overseas company; and may or may not assist companies in solving different matters. In case of professional license, professionals as well as civil company owners require local agents.

Finding perfect local sponsor in Dubai is a very difficult task; because it is hard to find a suitable and reliable person according to the requirement of your business. This is also an important task of corporate pro services company in Dubai to fine a local sponsor. These companies are well alert about the requirements of all businesses; and also know individuals who are willing and eligible to become local sponsors or agents. These companies can also work out on agreement between two parties and take responsibility of local sponsor / agent.

Legal Services in Dubai

Certain legal services are needed during company set up and liquidation process; as well as extreme care is requires to grip their legalities. Notarization, translation of legal documents as well as preparation of power of attorney; are some of the most essential legal documents that are required for company formation in Dubai.

Only experienced and accredited PRO service providers can help out businesses for these legal documents and procedures. These firms have legal experts; who can help in all types of legal document and provide essential legal advice as well.

Method of hiring a corporate pro services company in Dubai

We offer PRO services in following ways as per client requirements in order to fulfill their exact needs:

  • Case to Case Basis
  • PRO Services on Retainer Agreement Basis
  • PRO Services on Monthly Basis or Project Basis

Each and every company in UAE has two options for handling all legal work; either by hiring an in-house PRO as an employee; or outsourcing for PRO services with a specialized legal consultancy like us.

An in-house PRO must know the UAE laws; and have knowledge about a variety of legal authorities like Dubai immigration; ministry of labor and many more that is very difficult to find all in one. In addition it will cost you for more as you will provide him residence visa.

On the other hand, outsourcing your work to corporate pro services company in Dubai like us; it makes sense as we have a team of experts; who are dealing in same field for a long period of time; and well familiar about relevant legal requirements. It also decreases manpower within the company; that is saves time and work transparency as well as cost reduction.

Company Formation through corporate pro services company in Dubai

While for company formation in Dubai, one has to go through a lot of hurdles. There are a number of stages like obtain approvals from Immigration and Labor Ministries; licensing as well as registration; actual or virtual office setup as well as starting a corporate bank account and so on. A corporate pro services company in Dubai facilitate in successful business setup in Dubai by carrying out the standard procedures; and getting the required approvals from the UAE gov’t authorities. With our typing and legal attestation services; rest make it sure that employee visas as well as labor cards can be process in time.

Besides this, we also help in changing trade names of the company; drafting of MOA as well as Articles of Association, making amendments to the existing MOA or Articles; and at last but not least increasing or decreasing paid up capital.