Employment visa services in Dubai

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Employment visa services in Dubai
Employment visa services in Dubai

Shams consultant is a name you can belief; when it comes to employment visa services in Dubai, for all overseas company to set up in. This is a great honor for us that we are rank among the leading PRO service companies in Dubai. We provide a number of employment visa services in Dubai; that is to cover a variety of Gov’t departments in Dubai. There are a number of rule attach with Visa Processing for workers in UAE. These rule are varies from one emirate to the other. We put forward prompt as well as reliable service; with respect to the immigration procedures depending on the period of time (long term or short term); or the position if under employment, family as well as business categories of Dubai Visa.

Our best PRO services in Dubai also include to prepare a financial statements; book keeping records and tracking potential risks as well as keeping up to date records. As a one of the top pro service providers in Dubai; We also offer IP Services as well as Trade marks services; The type of service which we provide involves a large number of strategic solution as well as trademark support; and this must comply with the inventive norms set for the companies. Our retainer ship service complies with employment visa service in Dubai; labor card services, trade license services and establishment card services as well as e-signature services. Our team of consultant can also offer PRO services for product registration; We help our client to find a good location for office. We also provide local sponsor in Dubai.

Residence visa services in Dubai

Now it is time to speak something about our Residence visa services in Dubai; where we cover all ministries and departments as well as free zones of UAE; including the central Dubai authorities.

At this stage let me remind you one more thing; or you can say one more important point about residence visa services in Dubai. You require keeping in mind with this. That I also think it is a basic point for all of the pro service in Dubai customer; and also I believe that it will work to see the entire process of the pro Dubai; and show the whole thing in clear manner; that as we have a excellent business relationships with the Ministry of Labor; MOL; DNRD and DED as well as all other gov’t authorities.

What are the services of PRO companies in Dubai

PRO companies in Dubai are provider of services in Dubai. PRO companies in Dubai will assist you with; that is to acquire employee visas, also a worker labor cards; a visa for family, also renewal of a family visa; also maid visa processing and maid visa renewal as well as maid visa cancellation. A medical test for employees and families as well as maids; and also emirates ID for workers, families and maids; business license renewals and also if any changes in license needs. And also some company documents such as immigration card; as well as labor card and much more.

All new business needs the services of a consultant; or consulting firm to take start in a smooth manner. But even after the flourishing lunching and formation. Business will need some Employment visa services in Dubai.

Visa services in Dubai
Visa services in Dubai

Employment visa services in Dubai

Employment visa services in Dubai is a focus vertical of Shams consultant. We provide quick as well as stress-free corporate Employment visa services in Dubai; in main land as well as all the other free zones in Dubai.

Our consultants are skillful in residence visa services in Dubai; and well aware of the employment laws in Dubai and other free zones. We offer residence visa services in Dubai to companies in a large range of industries; which is across UAE and in all other UAE free trade zones. We are working with all gov’t department as well as semi gov’t department; which is to make legal the process of document clearance; and Employment visa services in Dubai to our customers. We be familiar with all the formalities as well as requirements of all the government departments. Note it our Employment visa services in Dubai will save your time as well as capital. Business owners face a lot of challenges; which is when it comes to the stage where they deal with gov’t authorities.

Why use Shams Consultant for residence visa services in Dubai

  • Time Saving: Our residence visa services in Dubai will facilitate you to offer more and more time to your core business; before standing in queue in gov’t departments.
  • Dedicated Consultant: One tip of contact for all services. A dedicate consultant will be allocate to you; who will make sure of all your issues as well as all of your cases.
  • Money Saving: We claim a decline in cost of your Document Processing as well as Clearing.
  • Transparent Service: You will acquire detail break down; which is, all the receipts of all Government charges as well as other every day expense which is your right; We will provide you all these detail in any time you need this.
  • Renewal Reminder Service: We use CRM software for our customer data management; that is a computerize customer database system; that store all important information including all renewal dates for your trade license as well as for your employee visas. We proceed for you on time as well as keep away from incurring any penalties.
  • Growth Partner: As a part of a group of companies; we always have significant resources at our disposal. We are capable to match resources need to maintain quality of service; you expect even when your business is increasing at supersonic pace.
  • Hassle Free Service: All our PRO services are stress free; you will not get any delay in process of case or any delivery in Docs. Because we pick up as well as deliver document to your office after get clearance from Gov’t Departments.

Our Employment visa services in Dubai Include

Now it is time to say something about our PRO services in Dubai. We present the following major Employment visa services in Dubai.

  • Employment Visa in Labor department.
  • Employment Visa in Immigration department.
  • Renewal of Trade license.
  • Employment Visa in Medical, Labor Card and Resident Visa.
  • Renewal of commercial license.
  • Renewal of industrial license.
  • Resident Visa for dependents (Wife, Children, Maids & Drivers)
  • Visa Cancellation.
  • Labor Card renewal, Resident Visa renewal
  • Renewal of Company Computer Card