PRO services in Dubai

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Best PRO services in Dubai
Best PRO services in Dubai

Time is valuable not only because it’s value is money. But it can be pass at a better place; than standing in a row in the gov’t departments for corporate pro services Dubai. That is applying for your company license or applying for your visas; get approvals, collecting your employee visa, take signatures and stamping of visa; or you need any other confirmations about your company. Our Corporate pro services company in Dubai will provide you this kind of luxury to spend your time in productive work.

It is a good point to mention it this stage; because every business man want to spend his time in productive work. And leave the corporate pro services Dubai job for company like us to handle. We knows that your time can be happily spend with your friends; with your family or in a vacation. Or in other word we can say that it can be spend in a social business activities.

If you do not known about the rule as well as regulation of government agencies. Then setting up a company in Dubai is very complex task. So in this kind of situation we can assist you to save time, avoid errors and cut costs. Because we offer cheap PRO services Dubai for company set up in Dubai.

Best PRO services in Dubai

For quick and cheap PRO services Dubai, most of the companies are highly rely on us. We put forward our professional expertise to businesses and individuals that have to complete the following:

  • Process employment visa application, renewal as well as cancellation of visa.
  • Register as well as renew Trade License
  • Process visa for family members / spouse
  • Translate legal documents
  • Manage applications for Labor Card as well as Immigration Card
  • full requirements for obtaining Emirates ID
  • Secure sanction from government ministries, agencies and departments
  • Attest and / or notarize all legal documents

Take the expertise of our Best PRO services in Dubai

Our set of Best PRO services in Dubai includes support for all gov’t and semi gov’t requirements. The team of professionals will provide you a link to key gov’t departments, ministries as well as other agencies. They will submit as well as process documents and all requirements on your behalf. Our cheap pro service Dubai will permit you to:

  • Speed up serenity of requirements and take the basic permits / licenses sooner
  • Minimize delay and avoid errors, thus saving time as well as costs too
  • Focus on starting up your goal and focus to grow your company.

With our team of cheap pro services Dubai experts by your side. You will be able to meet all legal requirements in time; enabling you to follow your expected timeline for opening your business, increasing your employee’s members, or renewing your operations license. We are the company you can reliance to lead you through each and every step of the pro services. Our team will help you with pleasure to make you understand the process. And will go through to make the whole process as easy as possible.

To run and set up a business in UAE needs to process a number of task. We at Shams consultant make easy these task on your behalf. So you can center on what is important for growing your company. And staff and managing your daily business operations.

Benefit from a professional corporate pro services Dubai tailored to your business needs

Shams Consultant provide a complete set of corporate pro services Dubai to customers in all over the UAE. Whether your company is place in Dubai or any other state; we can offer you with a customized service package which addresses your business requirements as rapidly as possible. Our variety of services includes the following:

  • Visa processing (applications and cancellation as well as renewals)
  • Family visa / spouse visa processing
  • Employee visa and / or labor cards
  • Document attestation
  • Arabic translation of official documents
  • Attestation of documents from the Chamber of Commerce as well as from Foreign Affairs
  • Trade license processing (applications and renewals)
  • Registration of trade name
  • Business registration
  • Health insurance processing
  • Facilitating Government work and requirements

To make sure that we deliver the best PRO services in Dubai that our client needs; each and every account is assign to a key account manager; whose purpose is to focus on the requirements of the customer and deliver the same in a timely way. This allows us to stop the growth of added costs; while delivering faster corporate pro services Dubai at the same timeline. More significantly, with a committed point of contact; clients are able to obtain constant progress updates, foremost to their peace of mind.

Corporate pro services Dubai

Whether you need an urgent corporate pro services Dubai; that is for one time processing for a single requirement; or a long term partnership for all your present and future requirements; for that we offer a speedy, cheap and reliable PRO solution for your company.

Business as well as employee rules may vary in each Emirate. That is why we have consultants who have experience of all the emirate; and they keep up to date info about each Emirate’s and their local laws; so we can help you in UAE for your day to day task in Gov’t departments.

With the best PRO services in Dubai modify for your requirements; so there is no need for you to follow the map legal needs on your own; also there is no need to stand in line and wait for your turn to submit the paper work; or call up different agencies to make easy the documents of your company and employees.

We do all that for you to facilitate you to focus on your business and your customers. To know further about our whole range of PRO Services, get in touch with any of our consultants. We are here to facilitate you.

Benefits of hiring corporate PRO services in Dubai

Save Time: There are lots of troubles in the process of getting PRO approvals and paper works, depend on company like us can save you lot of time. You can get more time to focus on your main business; rather than queuing up in front of window in gov’t departments.

Trouble Free: PRO service company in Dubai can give you trouble free function; that is for your documents approvals or any other purpose. They handle everything related to gov’t department; as well as picking up the documents and delivering after clearing them from PRO. You will not need to get involved in any of the procedure.

Save Money:

Contract out your PRO services will save you more money than doing it by yourself. It will also help you to cut the cost of document processing as well as clearing. This also reduces the need for in house PRO department in your company.


We as a PRO services provider are very transparent in our process. We provide all receipts as well as copies of gov’t charges; and other expenses with supporting bills and thus maintain transparency in all our work.

No worries about fines and delays Due to best PRO Services in Dubai

You may not be expert to respond; coordinate and company passably with the changing laws and business policies of the host country. This lack of role not only harms the output of the firm; but also leaves it helpless delays and fines. PRO service company in Dubai like us are dedicated PRO; who structure the work flow in the right demand and respond well for every notifications.

These advantages are just a few from the stack of benefits outsourcing PRO services in Dubai. Other than these mention services; a Public Relations Officer has to deal with many gov’t departments to get the approval for visa; your license approval and renewal. Before starting a private company everyone should be aware of all the legal duties; that is which must be follow. A PRO service is more than an asset for the company; because it make the lengthier processes easy for every business persons.

Best PRO Services in Dubai for company set up

While opening a company in Dubai you have to keep an eye on a number of steps; like getting approval from immigration as well as labor ministries; licensing and registration, and also the opening of a corporate bank account and so on. We help in successful set up of company in Dubai by completing all standard procedures. And getting the necessary approvals from the UAE government authorities.

PRO Services for Company liquidation

Just like company set up in Dubai, cancellation of any existing company has many trials to be followed strictly. Our firm will clarify you all the steps; and simplifies the entire way of closing the company for you as quickly as possible.

Best PRO Services in Dubai for VISA Processing

Besides the setup of your business in Dubai. We also ensure to provide you best PRO services in Dubai. Small as well as large scale companies give Visas for their labor force. And obtaining labor cards from the immigration department.

The pro services is a very vital aspect to get all the possible clearance with respect to passport; business clearance, immigration, company license, trademarks and certification. We ensure that all our customer and individuals are given the best support and corporate pro services. So that to help them with their stay and business in Dubai and other emirates in UAE.